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PostPosted: 2017年 Sep 6日 03:59 
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In the main.xul file a windows is defined as follows:

<window type="widget" height="700" width="964" swimKeepOnScreen="true" onClose="widgetOnClose" onLoad="widgetOnLoad" onLeave="widgetOnLeave" onEnter="widgetOnEnter" onMove="widgetOnMove">

In other engines it is possible to define several windows within the same widget. For example you can create one window for the widget and another for a help or data screen.

<widget   minimumVersion="4.5" >
   <window name="mainWindow"

   <window name="dataWindow"

I have a moon widget that uses this displaying an image of the current phase of the moon and allowing a separate panel that displays phase data. That second panel can be moved all over the desktop and is not constrained by the dimensions of the original widget.

So, to my original question. I tried to discover whether there was a method by which you can create a second window within an Xwidget and it appears there is not. If think this is another limitation on the Xwidget engine, it only has one window which is, in fact the widget itself. A severe limitation that prevents you having freely moveable layers that can be moved around the desktop independently.

Feature Request: Allow adding of a new window to a widget that can be moved independently beyond the defined boundaries of the base widget.

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