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BUG: Clicking one widget brings all to the foreground.
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Author:  yereverluvinuncleber [ 2017年 Jul 21日 12:34 ]
Post subject:  BUG: Clicking one widget brings all to the foreground.

When I click on a single widget that underlies any window I expect that widget to take focus and for it to come to the fore unless its position is specifically defined as being bottom-most.

In Xwidgets, when I clock on any widget, all the widgets come to the fore at the same time, including any widget that I have set to position - bottom. This seems quite wrong. It certainly should NOT do this.

Firstly, can I please confirm that the same happens to other users? Please state that is does the same for you. I am using Windows 7 64bit.

Secondly, when a widget is set to position - bottom I expect it to stay on the bottom and not come to the fore.

When using other engines, it is possible to set widgets to stay below other windows, ie. position - bottom and the widget engine respects that, keeping the set widget at the bottom. Xwidget does not and is faulty in this respect I think.

Also, when a specific widget is clicked upon the widget comes to the foreground. It has no effect on other widgets that have not been asked to come to the fore. They stay at the back behind other windows where they are required to be. Xwidget should operate in this manner which seems much more intuitive and useful.

I am raising this as a bug.

Author:  yereverluvinuncleber [ 2017年 Nov 6日 01:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: BUG: Clicking one widget brings all to the foreground.

This bug is related to this issue:


As all widgets currently run within the same context, that of the widget.exe process then when one widget comes to the fore, they all do. Each widget needs to run within its own process so that clicking on one widget is not like clicking on them all.

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