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PostPosted: 2015年 Nov 6日 13:22 
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So, we all know HTML panel is screwed over by being stuck with the IE7 rendering engine, right?

Not any more :D

It turns out you can control what HTML rendering engine a given Windows app uses via the registry. (Tested on Windows 10)

(Instructions adapted from here):

There are one or two keys you have to add to, depending on if you use a 64 bit or 32 bit machine. I used both:

32 bit only or 64 bit:


Make a new 32 bit DWORD Value, name it xwidget.exe
Right click in the Data column of that value and make a Decimal value of 9999

(This makes xwidget use the IE9 renderer, I dunno the codes for 10 or 11 yet)

Then go to


And repeat the process. This key may not be there on 32 bit systems and that's fine you can skip the step.

No reboot is needed. Restart Xwidget and BAM! It runs the IE9 renderer.

EDIT: The code for IE 11 / Edge is 11001 and I can confirm it works. (taken from here).

If Tony ever updates the app, adding those keys in to the registry at at least 9999 should really improve things.

PostPosted: 2015年 Nov 9日 11:38 
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Very good Meme.

PostPosted: 2016年 Apr 1日 02:09 
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The values are as follows:
IE7 : 7000
IE8 : 8000
IE9 : 9000
IE10 : 10000
IE11: 11000

Make sure that you have a !DOCTYPE declaration at the start of your HTML file. Else you will be again into the shitty ie7 world. Adding 1 to the emulation constant ( 11001 in place of 11000) enforces browser version regardless of doctype. But that might break existing widgets

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