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PostPosted: 2016年 Apr 22日 09:36 
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Cores are programs that allow access to software elements, they are self-contained programs that access external resources and present it to the Xwidget engine via GUI elements and .js. Encapsulated in a core is both the methods of accessing the remote data (via shared memory or file data) and the method for formatting and presenting that information to Xwidget. This is all very good but none of this is documented.

On top of this there are insufficient cores to interface with all the software that exists out in the real world. For example, there is no player control core for VLC, one of the main media players - whilst there exists one for Winamp - which is software that has been dead for over two years now.

We need cores to interface with the alternative players that are used in the real world, whether it is VLC or some other player - this request is not just limited to media player cores it is the same for all other cores - we need more across the board.

If the APIs were published to document the interface back into Xwidget and some example code provided then we could code our own cores. I assume that the cores are written in C or something similar? If we had access to the APIs then other programmers could write cores or adapt existing code to write new cores. There is enough programming knowledge around to allow others to contribute cores other than the XWidget dev. It could help keep the widget engine alive.

Harry Whitfield and I adapted some C code to write a core of our own for speedfan for Konfabulator the Yahoo widget engine. It read Speedfan's shared memory area and displayed the core temperatures as extracted from the system, they were then scraped by javascript into data the YWE! could use.

If we managed that for YWE! then we could have done similar for Xwidget.

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