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 Post subject: wish list & tiny bugs
PostPosted: 2012年 Oct 28日 12:37 
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While working with XWidget I've been stumbling upon some features which would be great to have in it.

- VLC media player support http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

XWidget Designer:
- an exact pixel ruler (a mark for every pixel)
- dragable ledger lines and/or a grid
- a scaleable preview (elements are very tiny sometimes)
- .otf font support
- text on path or at least on a circle
- letter kerning resp. the possibility to modify the gaps between the letters
- masks for fonts
- a spiral in the components
- the possibility to ad an element to a progressbar (like the thumb) which moves with the progress (as it is possible with rotators)

tiny bugs:
- there are different hand pointers for buttons and check buttons (looks strange if they are adjoin each other)
- pies do not close completely
- gradients on round lines seems not to work, it is alway a mixture of the start and the stop color but not a gradient

that's all :D
It would be nice if one or the other could be added in future. Anyways, thank you for XWidget, it's great :) !

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PostPosted: 2016年 Apr 18日 04:41 
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A response to an old post but useful nonetheless I hope. Without a VLC specific core in Xwidgets VLC can be managed by issuing command line commands which VLC will respond to.

VLC has hundreds of command line options but the main ones for normal media player control are:

Playback Control Options

--next Play the next track, optionally restarting if the
'restart' value is set

--previous Play the previous track, optionally restarting if
the 'restart' value is set

--restart-or-previous If the current song has been played longer than 4
seconds then restart it, otherwise the same as

--play-enqueued Automatically start playing any tracks enqueued on
the command line

--play Start playback
--pause Pause playback
--toggle-playing Toggle playback
--stop Completely stop playback
--stop-when-finished Enable or disable playback stopping after the
currently playing track (value should be either
'true' or 'false')

--set-volume=LEVEL Set the playback volume (0-100), prefix with +/-
for relative values

--set-position=POS Seek to a specific point (seconds, float)

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