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General Info And Menus
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Author:  jimking [ 2014年 Dec 1日 10:04 ]
Post subject:  General Info And Menus


The application's main screen is the Online Gallery, where you can find all the available widgets to download.


1. Total number of the available widgets to download.

2. Select category menu: All, Weather, DateTime, System Status.
You can select the kind of the widgets that will be displayed in the Online or Local Gallery


3. "Short by" menu. Short the list by DateTime, Title, Downloads, Rating


4. App's settings main screen.


* Refresh List
Use it to refresh the widget's list, useful when you want to check if there is any new widget available, or fix a possible temp error at the appearance of the list after changing the category.
* Clear Cache
After some installations/uinistallations the cache need to be cleared to make the app work properly and fast, fixing any possible temp issue of the lists.
* Disable All Widgets Menu
Disables the click on menu of the widget.
* Disable All Ad Banner
Hide the bottom ad banner. We need support for the app, but you can hide permanently the banner without need to pay anything.
* Enable Error Log
After a possible crash of the app an error log is created so the Dev can study and resolve the problem.
* Bug Feedback
If you notice a bug use it to send the details to the Dev.
* Check Update
Check if a new version of the app is available.
* Create Widget
Open the XWDesigner to create a widget. We suggest though to use the XWDesigner of the pc version of XWidget. It is more easy and fast create a widget on your pc and then move it through a usb in your phone.
Instructions here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3776
* About
Check informations about the version of the app, the Dev and the XWidget team.
* Exit


Press on the widget you want and press DOWNLOAD . The widget will be installed automatically.
You can Swipe Right or press back, to go back to the Gallery.


All your installed widgets are shown there. Swipe or press on to switch between the galleries.
LONG PRESS to delete a widget.

Author:  jimking [ 2017年 Mar 6日 02:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: General Info And Menus

The XWidget is updated with the SEARCH function. Use the field to search directly for widget/s from the online gallery.

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