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FEEDBACK re: version 2.0 of XWIDGET.
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Author:  yereverluvinuncleber [ 2017年 Apr 25日 05:29 ]
Post subject:  FEEDBACK re: version 2.0 of XWIDGET.

I would STRONGLY suggest that we do NOT need a new version of the Xwidget engine similar to the one that Tony has demonstrated.

Instead, I suggest that Tony simply re-issues the current version 1.0 with some of the bugs fixed.

What is needed is NOT another buggy, untested, untried and undocumented version of Xwidgets but a version that just works. Fix the bugs! Don't waste time on a new product that nobody wants.

If you, Tony, fixed the old version then all the remaining users of Xwidget would be happy - and you might just start attracting some more developers...

For example: this bug has been outstanding for years now. Years!

PS. 11 views on this topic in a week, this forum is as dead as a dodo.

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