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no free widget?
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Author:  silviulian [ 2017年 Aug 14日 16:54 ]
Post subject:  no free widget?

i wanted to answer to another topic but i cannot reply,edit or do anything else.
so,a pro version is understable ,but the price.....ok for 5 euro,but i won't pay 16 for a widget.sorry
i understand the problems for keeping alive the site,but can't you use publicity for paying the bills? as pop up or install 3rd party soft?
until now your work is wonderful and i hope to find a way to still use your (new) widget

Author:  jimking [ 2017年 Aug 15日 08:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: no free widget?

Please read here , my journal on DeviantArt.
https://jimking.deviantart.com/journal/ ... -689666098

The adbanners, donations and the publicity nowadays offer from minimal to nothing.
All these years the Dev earned from donations 20$ for a year and we need more than that for each month for the servers and the various services! With the adblockers the banners are hidded and for a proper publicity you have to give a lot of money.
Don't forget that XWidget comes from a single person and not from a developers team as usual.
Purchasing the pro version will you have access to ALL the gallery, the XDesigner and the future updates and features.
So you not pay for a single widget as you said...
Now about the price sorry but 5 dollars is a ridiculous price for a pc program with personal designing capabilities. There are Android launchers that cost more than that! Com'on..
The pro version was the only way to keep XWidget alive. And I don't think that the users want a dead project without new versions, bug fixing and no more new widgets.. Or not

Author:  Tony [ 2017年 Sep 14日 16:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: no free widget?

you can buy the ¥9.9 for a year plan.
and you can download PNG images or other resource from web and make widget by yourself with xwidget designer.

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